Justin Long and Elliot Olbright formed a musical and business collaboration to create a unique sound and powerful vision. Coming from very different artistic backgrounds, they were able to compliment each others strengths and weaknesses. They mix electronic and modern producing techniques with melodies that expose the influences of blues, funk and soul. The lyrics of Tucker Riley have a modern twist with intense passion. Their sound will make you want to close your eyes and ease your soul into a dimension of ambience and then jump out of your seats to embody the syncopated bass driven groove.

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by Chewy&Bach

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“Throughout their work in the Colorado scene and beyond, the band has found that creativity and individuality is lacking. Their unique blend of clean bassy production, powerful vocals, and soaring guitar melodies make their music a euphoric and explosive experience. The lineup for the night is carefully selected and features California based KR3TURE, who is critically acclaimed and has multiple viral songs on Spotify.

- Maddi Hatter, Bass Feeds The Soul (Nov 14,2018)

"In a world of music and a sea of artists, it is always refreshing to find a track that showcases a fresh take on multiple genres and creates a sound of its own"

Elizabeth Lee, Boulder Beat (Nov 30, 2017)


“Home grown group, Chewy&Bach have been hard at work, forging their own path of success with their distinct, genre-bending 'Electro-Americana' sound.”

MMac, Unsigned & Unheard (Oct 18, 2017)